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SlabMizer Service

We now offer slab flattening Services at our Marlboro, NJ location. We are one of few that utilize a slab flattening mill in Monmouth County. 

Our expert team utilizes Wood-Mizers MB200 slab-mizer which we refer to as Miss Trunchbull. Miss Trunchbull accurately and easily flattens timber that is bowed or cupped.


This machine flattens slabs up to 15 ft long and 55 wide to get them ready for furniture use. Miss Trunchbull uses a five-inch cutter head to muscle her way through the hardest of woods.


Our services include using our Wood-Mizer MB200 to flatten both sides of your stock. We charge $87 per hour to run the machine

Call now or email to get an estimated rate depending on the size of your project

Check Out Miss Trunchbull

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