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   Growing up I was always intrigued by art and creativity. This being said in 2019 a started a hobby. I set out to make myself a river-style table. I completed my first table with success and was inspired by its beauty and the self fulfillment that I felt with this piece of furniture and art. Curious, I posted my table on Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone would be interested. Within hours, I received dozens of likes and countless comments. I sold the table two days later to a woman who was going to gift it to her husband. 

I then created a Facebook and Instagram showing my tables. I also post videos of my process of create them, which I believe are enjoyable to watch. Since then, my hobby has florist into a full-time business. I have been extremely busy ever since I began promoting my tables online, making everything from coasters to dining room tables. I take extreme pride in each  piece that is put out, and I pay attention to every detail. This is more than just woodworking; this is art!

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